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We like to think we are different. By focusing on the end user, Homescout strives to innovate and create new property search experiences, making dream homes a reality.

For Agents we have created a platform for you to expose your local city and suburb property expertise to active home shoppers in your market with our limited availability Agent Bio and Exclusive Area account that helps you build your brand on Homescout.

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Personalised Dashboard
We will provide each branch and agent with a dashboard to manage your listings, agents, contact requests for viewing appointments and more.
With you all the time
On the road all day? You can manage your listings right from your smartphone or tablet! Our systems are mobile friendly and optimised to work on any device.
Geographic Search
Homescout offers users a unique search experience using interactive maps. Its perfect for users looking for a new home with certain geographic criteria.
Smart Notifications
Not one for using email? Simply enable desktop notifications to get notifications straight to your desktop allowing you to jump straight into conversations with your leads.
Manage Your Leads in One Place
Keep all your conversations with users in one convenient place with Homescout. No more searching through a ton of emails to find your conversations!

Automatic Listing Sync

No need to worry about uploading and updating your listings on Homescout, simply sync them automatically using Entegral Sync. Our systems will pull your listings from Entegral daily and make sure they are always updated.

Show Day Bookings + Calendar Sync

Homescout helps manage your show days and connect with more serious buyers.

Create a Show day in Seconds
Mark your listings as on show and create a show day with your available time slots. Its as simple as adding a date and a time slot and takes less than a minute.
Accept Bookings In a Snap
Your show days are now bookable. Interested buyers can book an available time slot to view the property on your show day and you’ll have access to their contact information and a list of bookings for the day.
Get Reminded of Your Bookings
We'll send you a reminder on your show day with a quick list of bookings for the day to help you plan your day out.
All Your Bookings, Right on Your Calendar
Sync your show day bookings with your calendar. You’ll have access to a personal calendar feed so all you bookings will automatically be added to your calendar on any device.

Best In Market Pricing

Ignite your business with leads from Homescout - The best value for money (cost per lead) property portal.

Agent Package
  • Inc Agent Bio and Exclusive City or Suburb
  • Area Specialist Banner Ad.
  • Single Agent Profile
  • Up to 30 Listings
  • Easy Listing Manager
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Office Package
  • Up to 50 agent profiles per office
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Easy Listing Manager
  • Simple Branch Manager
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Multiple Offices
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  • Want to signup multiple branches under one account? Homescout offers further discounted rates when signing up for multiple offices under one account. Fees as low as R360 per branch per month!!!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Billing Discount Work?

We offer a signup discount if you select a non-monthly billing frequency (Pay in advance for your package). This allows you to lock in the package pricing for the period of time you select.

How Do Agent Profiles Work?

Each office plan has a number of agent profiles it is allowed. A profile will be used by an agent in your branch and they will be allowed to upload and manage their own listings. The person who signs up for the base plan, will be the responsible person for managing the team's payments and can invite more agents to join their after the signup process is complete.

What are the billing frequency options?

When you signup, you can select a billing frequency that suits you. Currently we offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. If you sign up for a non-monthly billing frequency, recurring billing will only happen on the frequency you select.

When will I be billed?

You will pay a pro-rata fee for the current month. There after, you will be billed at the beginning of every month. If your payment is declined, you will be given a grace period to make a once-off payment before your services are suspended.

How do I pay for Homescout?

Plans on Homescout are billed monthly via automated card processing. We accept Visa and Master card, both cheque and credit cards are accepted. Unfortunately, manual EFT payments are not allowed at this time.

How do cancellations work?

If you would like to cancel your Homescout profile, you can do so in your branch Dashboard. Once your cancellation is submitted, it will be processed at the end of the submission month. The heavily discounted yearly billing in advance packages cannot be cancelled and will continue to run for the entire period chosen.

How do cancellations work?

If you would like to cancel your Homescout profile, you can do so in your branch Dashboard. Once your cancellation is submitted, it will be processed at the end of the submission month. The heavily discounted yearly billing in advance packages cannot be cancelled and will continue to run for the entire period chosen.

Can I change my plan later?

You can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time during the month. However, to simplify how your monthly billing works, both upgrades and downgrades will be processed at the end of the month.

What happens after profile plan ends?

We understand that the continuity of your your listing stock is critical to your business and for that reason we will automatically renew your chosen plan. If you do not want to renew, you merely need to inform us 30 days prior to the end of your initial period. Once your cancellation is submitted it will be processed and the end of the cancellation submission month.

Difference between agent and office packages

An Agency may have a package for all it's agents and this will cover you as an agent under this package. However, if you want to stand out and create your own brand and be the premium agent in your chosen city or suburb with your own banner ad you should chose the agent package option independently. The agent banner ad will comprise a crisp profile photo plus agency logo and your bio description as well as your in depth knowledge of your area and past success. More importantly this offer is exclusive to only one agent per city or suburb, or the agent can choose more than one city or suburb at an additional subscription. Remember no other agent will feature in the banner ad for the area chosen. A banner ad like this could cost you up to R5000 per month on other portals but you pay only R99 per month - less than the cost of a couple cappuccinos for brilliant branding as an agent - it is a no brainer to choose this option.

Need more information?

If you have any more questions or are unsure of how our plans work, feel free to drop us an email on and we’ll get back to you!